How to Fix Pop-Up Slices

How to Fix Pop-Up Slices

The proper plane may feel flatter than what you're used to, but it'll straighten out those high, soft slices.
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This story is for you if…

• You just finished a round where most of your drives were pop-up slices

• Your swing felt out of sync all day

• You want to fix the problem before your next round

The Problem

During your round your tee shots were what some players call “elephant butts” (high and stinky), and they were slicing, too.

Why It Happens

This combination of high and right is a good indication that your swing plane has become excessively steep — even steeper than what causes a bad slice on a normal trajectory.

How to Go From Too Steep to Just Right

Hold your driver across the top of your chest and make your backswing turn so that the shaft points roughly a foot and half outside, or beyond, the ball. This is the correct way to turn your shoulders if you’re looking to flatten out a steep swing — you don’t want the shaft to point directly at the ball.

Now, return to your address position and repeat the turn. Do this until you ingrain the correct turning move into your motion. If this doesn’t cure your high slice, then you have other issues, but grooving a flatter swing plane will get you started in the right direction.