Hit Pure Putts

Hit Pure Putts


You know you hit that last putt perfectly, but it wobbled offline. What gives? “Many putters are imperfectly weighted, so your sweet spot might be left or right of center,” says Mike Shannon, putting instructor at Sea Island Learning Center, St. Simons Island,Ga. “If that’s the case, even putts you hit dead center will lose direction and distance.” Here’s how to tell if your flatstick’s at fault — and how to fix it instantly.

“Dangle your putter halfway up the shaft,” Shannon says. “Take a tee and start tapping the face on the toe, which causes it to twist going back. Tap your way to the center.” The closer you get to the center, the less twisting you’ll see. “When you tap it and the toe and heel swing back in perfect
sync, that’s your sweet spot.”
Grab a Sharpie and simply make a line or dot to mark the spot. Use that as your new — and true — sweet spot.

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