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August 23, 2012

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The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever!
Featuring the most elite team of teachers in America, including a superstar set that's guiding the longest and most accurate drivers on all professional tours, GOLF Magazine's The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever! Provides everything recreational players need to add big-time yards to their tee shots with swing moves and positions anyone can master, plus a few new ticks that add eye-popping speed almost overnight. In it readers will learn how to tweak their gear to get the most yards out of their motions, mechanics for building power without swinging harder, and the end-all, be-all method for matching their driver swing to what their body can muster so they can finally realize their true distance potential and split the fairway every time.
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Golf Magazine's The Best Instruction Book Ever!
The Ultimate Guide to Lasting Improvement
In GOLF Magazine's The Best Instruction Book Ever!, each of the Top 100 Teachers in America supplies his or her most effective tips and drills to help you add yards to your drives, hit irons that fly straight to your targets and get up and down from around the green like a Tour pro. This instruction is backed by nearly 2,000 years of teaching experience that more than a million golfers have used to take their scores to new lows. GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Teachers tackle every element of the game with quick-hitting advice you can use the next time you practice or play. It's proven instruction that has helped both recreational players and the Tour's brightest stars. Use it and you'll improve, too. Soon.


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The Best Little Instruction Book Ever! Pocket Edition
The handiest guide to playing your best golf right now
The best tips from the best teachers, together for the first time in an easy-to-read handbook that takes all of the guesswork out of improving your game. This pocket-sized manual makes learning the game and repeating the skills you need easy, and it's backed by more than 2,000 combined years of teaching experience and the award-winning instruction you can only find in Golf Magazine. It's the perfect size to take with you on the go or to the course for quick-hitting advice when your game needs it the most.


Private Lessons: The Best of the Best Instruction
The Ultimate Guide to Instruction
A staple in the back of Golf Magazine since about the time the first featherie was stuffed, these illustrated lessons — some 175 make up this greatest hits edition — do what too many golf instructionals can't seem to: keep it simple. Whether addressing address or confronting the sh … sha … — you know, the unspeakable — each lesson is reduced to its essential, digestible nugget through straightforward text and drawings. "Lessons" was originally published in 2006; much as been added for this second coming, but one thing, thankfully, hasn't changed: the quality of the paper remains a major upgrade from its pebbly recycled magazine antecedent, which makes the book more likely to last as long as it's needed, and for most golfers, that's a long time, indeed.

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Golf Magazine's The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever!
The Ultimate Guide To Greenside Scoring
The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever! includes cutting-edge methods for saving strokes around the green and classic instruction that has stood the test of time. These lessons provide you with the ultimate short-shot primer, and are guaranteed to help you get the ball up and in the hole every time. The Top 100 Teachers demonstrate more than 100 ways to pitch and chip with precision, drop bunker shots close, and knock down the flag with full- and half-swing wedges. These methods are backed by the latest research performed by the brightest minds in the instruction business, and presented in an easy-to-follow format with vivid, full-color photographs and detailed short-shot swing sequences. With The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever!, lower scores are minutes away!


Golf Magazine's How To Hit Every Shot
The Ultimate Guide to Shotmaking and Scoring
GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Teachers show you how to hit 101 score-saving shots with easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons that any golfer can learn in an instant. It's the ultimate shotmaking and scoring guide, with thousands of tips to help you curve the ball on command, escape sand and recover from every kind of trouble. The Top 100 Teachers' recipe-style instruction won't bog you down with complicated swing thoughts or difficult drills.Lessons are simple, easy to learn and even easier to repeat. How to Hit Every Shot is a lifetime of shotmaking advice in a single book. Tips are paired with hundreds of full-color photos, allowing you to see exactly what you need to do to pull off every shot imaginable-immediately.