Cure a Sudden Case of Mid-round Slices

Cure a Sudden Case of Mid-round Slices

Rotate your forearms through impact. When a person behind you can tell the time on your watch, you've properly squared your clubface.
Angus Murray

The Problem

You’re sailing through a round, when all of the sudden — whoa! You slice a tee shot that lands one fairway over, and you repeat the shot on the next tee.

What you typically do

You become bogged down with too many swing thoughts—Is it my backswing? My downswing? You should know from experience that this kind of overthinking never works, and usually just makes matters worse.

What you should do

Save swing fixes for the practice range and concentrate on this emergency cure:

As you swing through impact, make a conscious effort to square up your clubface. If you’re wearing a watch on your left wrist, try to allow an imaginary person standing behind you to see what time it is immediately following impact. It’s a good trigger to remind you to rotate your forearms through the hitting area to p revent leaving the clubface open. Aim 10 yards right of your intended target in case the ball hooks a little.

After your round, forget this quick fix and try to determine the real cause of your slice. Most likely it’s an outside-in downswing path. That requires more than a Band-Aid. But the watch trick works and can definitely help you turn a bad driving day into a decent scoring day.