2 Keys to Creating Power

2 Keys to Creating Power


What you want:
To reach your distance potential

How to do it:

Use a stronger grip and a late release

A weak grip-in which you can see only one or two knuckles on your left hand at address-results in an open clubface at the top. To square the club at impact from this position, you probably release the club early and throw the clubhead at the ball instead of letting your hands lead it into impact. That move kills any power you’ve built up. Instead, turn your left hand to the right at address until you see three knuckles. This will close the clubface at the top and keep you from slinging the clubhead at the ball. It’ll also train your brain to delay your wrist release until just before impact. (If you don’t, you’ll hit a low hook.)


To keep your hands ahead of the clubhead through impact, you need to feel as though you’re pulling the handle of the club down with your left arm, rather than throwing the club into impact with your right arm. To do this, you need to uncoil your body in the proper sequence. From the top, your first move down is to shift your weight forward and turn your hips toward the target, which automatically pulls the handle of the club down. The handle, in turn, is followed by your hands. This sequence continues with your right wrist and elbow remaining co cked all the way past your right hip, when the momentum of the swing allows your hands to release through impact. Holding your wrists like this down through impact creates tremendous leverage and distance.

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