Tour Edge Irons

February 19, 2007

Tour Edge is adopting the Toyata-Lexus approach in its club line. While Tour Edge-branded products remain a value buy, the firm's Exotics models will focus on players who demand the newest, the coolest and the best, and who are willing to pay for it.

"Exotics clubs will showcase futuristic technologies that are months, even years, ahead of their time," says company president Dave Glod. "Many technologies are too expensive to mass-produce, so these clubs will be produced in smaller numbers."

Exotics EX-1 irons, for instance, feature a 100-gram tungsten sole that's welded to a lighter stainless steel body. Consider this: An identical sole piece made of steel is 50 percent lighter than tungsten. The payoff is a thin, sleek club that boosts forgiveness on mis-hits. $899 (steel), $1,099 (graphite); 800-515-3343 or

Weight Shift
The 100-gram tungsten sole accounts for 40 percent of total head weight. Tungsten (sole) and stainless steel (body) don't easily bond together, so it's necessary to chemically alter the tungsten before fusing the materials as one.

X marks the spot
A hollow cavity behind the sweet spot moves weight away from the face. This helps contribute to a more stable head and higher-trajectory shots.