Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Hybrid

April 16, 2012

From Golf Magazine ClubTest 2012 (May, 2012)

Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $199, graphite

WE TESTED: 2H (17°), 3H (19°), 4H (22°) with Aldila RIP Sigma 80 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The club’s deep face and higher center of gravity lead to a more penetrating flight. A smaller head size and added face progression lead to workability. The thin, strong maraging steel face boosts feel and launch for added distance. The multithickness face aids distance and control on off-center hits.

OUR TESTERS SAY: A serious club for serious golfers who consistently find the sweet spot.

PLAYABILITY: Lower than normal, penetrating flight; compact, heavy head plays well from the fairway, rough and even sandy lies.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Good shots don’t leave the target line; status-quo forgiveness dampens draws and fades.
DISTANCE: Provides plenty of power, making it one of the longer hybrids; low trajectory and a flat angle of descent cause the ball to run a long way.
FEEL: Shots come off the face hot; stable, slightly heavier graphite shaft with even balance contributes to a firm, tight impact feel.
LOOK: Smallish, all-black head blends into a matte black shaft; minimal fuss—no visual aids are needed.

Small head is less forgiving than most; lower flight can make it hard to stop on greens; lacks full range of shot options.