Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver

Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver

From Golf Magazine (September, 2011)
Exotics clubs by Tour Edge enjoy a cultlike following among in-the-know
equipment junkies. The company’s latest creation, the CB 4
Tour, is billed as the longest, lowest-spinning Exotics driver ever.
There’s little doubt that better players and, in particular,
faster swingers should benefit from this design. The club’s
center of gravity, for example, is 15 percent closer to the clubface
and 10 percent higher (toward the crown) than previous Exotics drivers.
(The clubhead generates spin rates that are 5 to 15 percent lower than
the Exotics CB 3 Tour, depending on your swing speed.) The effect
should be a penetrating flight and more chances for shotmakers to
maneuver the ball.

In addition, strategic areas on the clubface have been made either
thinner or thicker. The use of multiple thicknesses—referred
to as v-shaped hot spots or “boomerangs”—across the face
is intended to increase ball speed and carry distance on off-center
hits. The 440cc head is 10 percent deeper than the Exotics CB3 Tour, which helps create less spin and a
more penetrating flight, and has 2-degree-open face angle.



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