Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ OS-6 Putter

Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ OS-6
Schecter Lee

From GOLF Magazine ClubTest 2012 (June, 2012)
Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $50

WE TESTED: 34”, 35” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The white head, made of zinc alloy, limits distracting reflections on sunny days. The TPU face insert softens impact feel while an oversize (jumbo) grip prevents the wrists from breaking down during the stroke.

OUR TESTERS SAY: For players seeking a light putter with some forgiveness. The jumbo grip provides a different feel than others and minimizes wrist breakdown.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Wide, hot sweet spot helps on toe or heel putts and gives long putts a boost; rear weighting keeps the head stable through impact.
FEEL: The face delivers a soft, resonant “thump” that translates all the way through the oversize grip.
LOOK: Prominent alignment aids make it easy to start putts on line; ample offset and two wing tips make it look more like a high-MOI putter than a midsize mallet; multiple sight lines combine with the rear cavity area to frame the ball and make it easy to line up square.

Some testers say the lightweight head is difficult to sense, making it hard to dial in distance on lag putts; other guys find responsiveness lacking on both center and off-center hits.