TaylorMade R9 fairway wood


2009 Buyer’s Guide
Dr. Benoit Vincent, chief technical officer for TaylorMade, said the R9 fairway wood is for all skill levels, and continued: “We set out to create the most compact design of our ‘adjustability’ system that could survive the harsh conditions of the clubhead going through the turf. The result is a durable, compact mechanism that’s fully integrated in a classically shaped fairway wood and that offers launch conditions covering the width of the fairway.”

How it works: R9 is the first fairway wood to offer real clubhead adjustability. It boasts the firm’s new “flight control technology” (FCT) but does not feature “movable weight” technology (MCT). FCT gives you the ability to choose from eight settings to change clubface angle (2 degrees closed to 2 degrees open), loft and lie angle for different trajectories. This translates to 36 yards of left-to-right flight variability. R9 fairway woods have the same sleeve system as in the R9 driver. In theory, you could use your driver shaft in the fairway wood or vice versa.

$299, graphite taylormadegolf.com


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