TaylorMade r7 Quad HT Driver

TaylorMade r7 Quad HT Driver

The new r7 gives more soaring drives.
Greg Lord

TaylorMade’s new r7 Quad HT (“high trajectory”) shares many key characteristics with the original r7, such as four movable weight cartridges in the 400cc clubhead that offer more flight paths than LAX. But the HT’s deeper center of gravity and shallower clubface help golfers generate more spin and thus a higher trajectory. Its face is also wider, which combined with a 5 percent increase in the moment of inertia reduce twisting on mis-hits. Translation: More soaring drives that find more fairways.

Like its predecessor, the r7 HT features its own torque wrench and four interchangeable weight cartridges: two 10-gram tungsten-steel and 2-gram titanium. That translates to six weight-distribution combos that shift the clubhead’s center of gravity and shots bias. To guard against hooks, for example, put both tungsten-steel cartridges in the toe ports; to prevent slices, put them in the two heel ports. The original r7’s clubhead is 4mm taller than the HT’s, but the HT is 5mm longer from heel to toe.

$600; 800-888-2582 or taylormadegolf.com

TaylorMade Says
Benoit Vincent, Chief Technical Officer, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf “It was not that difficult to make changes to the original r7. Once the head volume and discretionary weight were chosen–both remained the same in the new r7 HT–there were just a few variables: face height, face width and front-to-back length. Even then, these quantities were linked, so when we moved one, the others followed. We also kept the face and lie angles of the original r7, but wwe did design a new shaft.”

“The new driver still features 24 movable grams and a light shell, but the address view and the face area of the HT are quite different. Compared to the original r7, the design is 4mm shallower with an 18 percent larger address area–the head’s center of gravity is 10 percent farther back. Along with a low-kickpoint shaft, this gave us a one-degree higher launch angle and 400 rpm more spin. The back CG and low-kickpoint shaft also promote added draw bias.”

“I play with a regular-flex shaft, 11.5 degrees of loft, and both of my 10-gram cartridges are in the back position.”