Ping G15 and i15 Drivers

Ping G15 and i15 Drivers

Ping i15 and G15 drivers
Schecter Lee

Ping is best known for groundbreaking game-improvement irons, major-winning putters and a total commitment to custom fitting. Recently, though, the company has also made its mark with long-hitting drivers (see G5, G10 and Rapture V2). Next on the tee: The super-charged G15 and i15 drivers.

The G15, on average, hits it higher, farther and with more forgiveness than the G10. An elongated face and more rear weighting results in 15 percent higher MOI (less heel-toe twisting) and improved inertia on shots struck high or low on the face, to maintain spin and ball speed. The G15 produces 0.75-degree higher launch, 1 mph faster ball speed on center hits (six yards more carry) and 2 mph more ball speed on off-center hits (10 yards more carry) than the G10. The external rear weight pad positions the CG to promote high trajectory with reduced spin rate.

The TFC 149D “high-balance point” shaft enables Ping to build a heavier head (5 grams more) than the G10. In this case, additional head mass increases ball speed without affecting swingweight or total weight.

The i15 driver targets “better” players with higher swing speeds who prefer to shape their drives. The center of gravity (CG) is lower and more toward the face than in the G15. The effect is a lower-launching shot (by 0.75-degrees) with less spin (by 250 rpm). Ping’s testing indicates that the i15 is potentially longer for faster swingers but shorter for slower swingers. The pear-shaped clubhead also has a slight fade bias (six yards more bias than the G15 driver). The face angle (and lie angle) can be tweaked to suit your ball-flight preference.

G15: $299
i15: $349