Nike VR_S Fairway Woods

Nike VR_S Fairway Woods

Nike VR_S Fairway Woods
Schecter Lee

From Golf Magazine ClubTest 2012 (May, 2012)

Category: Game-Improvement Fairway Woods
Price: $199

WE TESTED: 3 (15°), 5 (19°) with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki K graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The “NexCOR” multi-thickness face—thickest in the center and thinner along the perimeter—is engineered for faster ball speeds. The head construction—the clubface is welded to the body along the sole—also contributes to greater rebound.

OUR TESTERS SAY: An attractive-looking club that can be a dependable second driver.

PLAYABILITY: Piercing trajectory penetrates the air and goes straight; easy to hit off the turf or the tee and fairly reliable from the rough.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Pretty consistent results; misses typically are not severely punished.
DISTANCE: Teed up balls tend to fly longer and straighter than some testers’ own woods; 5-wood carries well and achieves expected distance.
FEEL: Firm and crisp on solid strikes with a resonating sound that’s
powerful and satisfying; heavier head is easy to feel during the swing and provides extra push through the ball.
LOOK: Handsome and understated; squares up easily without a visual aid.

Some testers prefer more builtin shot correction; not enough shotmaking ability for others.

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