Golf Magazine Innovators 2013: Fitting the swings of today to a high-tech tee

Mark Timms has started a new custom-fitting business called CoolClubs.
Dennis Scully / Dennis Murphy-D

The Fitting Pioneer
Mark Timms, 49

I was always good at math, and I worked in finance for a while. But my interest in golf and building things got the better of me, and in 1990 I opened a store called Custom Golf.

Clubfitting techniques have come a long way since then. In fact, back then, a lot of fitting was done simply by looking at the person's stature and swing and making an educated guess! I realized how poorly many players' clubs fit them, and I knew that better-fitting equipment could help golfers hit it better and have a lot more fun.

In 2000, after accumulating a lot of clubfitting knowledge, I moved to Scottsdale and started HotStix. I began writing fitting software that I could use to consistently get the right clubs into players' hands. We enjoyed a lot of success custom-fitting high-performance clubs while gathering a lot of data on thousands of swings.

I sold HotStix in 2006 and started a new custom-fitting business called CoolClubs. Our six CoolClubs locations use state-of-the-art launch-monitor and fitting technology, and we now have more than 12,000 demo clubs to help players beat what they have in their bag. I feel extremely confident that if there's a club out there that will perform better than what you have, we'll find it and build it to your exact specifications.; 888-284-9292