Get Fit: Tour Edge Fairway Woods

Get Fit: Tour Edge Fairway Woods

Tour Edge Exotics XCG3 fairway wood

Two accomplished were recently fit for new Tour Edge fairway woods at Novogolfin Tappan, N.Y. The company has a six-step method for matching the ideal club with each golfer.

1 The fitter interviews you to gather club info and to learn about your typical miss, physical ailments, etc.

2 The fitter measures your clubs to determine lie, length, loft, etc.

3 You hit shots with your clubs. The Trackman launch monitor records ball speed, launch angle, spin and flight.

4 You try five or six models with manufacturers' "stock" shafts and "custom upgrade" options.

5 Fitter makes a recommendation based on your test session.

6 Novogolf builds clubs on-site. It tries to make each club swing and feel the same by weight-sorting heads, determining the dynamic "MOI" of your preferred club, and more.

Mark Cohen
Age: 52
Handicap: 10 Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Occupation: Manufacturer
Residence: New York, NY
Old fairway wood: Steel head with shallow face, 13°, proprietary Fujikura 65-gram graphite shaft, regular flex
New fairway wood: Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3, 15°, Fujikura Motore Exotics 75 graphite shaft, stiff flex

Player Background: Mark's backswing is quite flat, which leads to an outside-in motion on the downswing. His club path is shut, the clubface is closed a bit at impact and his typical shot is a cut.

Player feedback "I hit my 3-wood both off the tee and from the ground. I cut it too much, so I'm trying to get a straighter ball flight."

William Cho President, Novogolf: "Mark produces lots of backspin and shots come down steeply. XCG-3 has a low center of gravity, which gives him more lift. The stock shaft (Fujikura Motore Exotics 75) decreases spin, too. This combo enables him to carry it longer and capture more roll.


During testing, he hit the CB3 Tourwith a Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 73shaft the farthest. Mark is opting for the XCG-3 since he likes it more visually (the shallow face gives him confidence), prefers the solid impact feel and it costs less."



Tommy Lee
Age: 28
Handicap: 0
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Occupation: PGA teaching pro
Residence: Paramus, NJ
Old fairway wood: Steel
head with Carpenter steel face, 13°, UST ProForce V2graphite shaft, stiff flex
New fairway wood: Tour Edge Exotics CB3 Tour, 15°, Oban Devotion85 graphite shaft, X flex

Player background: Tommy's a scratch player with an upright swing. He's a high-spin, high-ball hitter who generates a lot of clubhead speed. He's also handsy through impact.

Player feedback: "Primarily, I use my 3-wood as a driving club. But my current club balloons. I'm looking for more distance and control."

William Cho President, Novogolf: "The goal is to bring down his spin rate to increase his length. Tommy needs a head with a deeper face and a higher center of gravity (CB3 Tour) to lower his ball flight. We fit him to a heavier, stiffer shaft. The Oban Devotion has a higher kick point plus a stiffer tip and mid-section, which typically reduces spin and lowers ball flight. We "tipped" it (cut the tip an inch more than usual) so it plays stiffer. He'd benefit from a 13°, but we didn't have it among our fitting options today.