Get Fit: Custom Fit Titleist Irons

February 16, 2007

New Irons:
Titleist 695CB
4-PW, steel shaft, stiff flex, +1/4-inch shaft length*, standard lie $1,080 for 8 (steel), $1,200 for 8 (graphite); 888-TITLEIST,

David McArdle
Hometown: Huntington, N.Y.
Age: 49
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Handicap: 0
Occupation: Commercial real estate executive
Old Irons: Titleist DCI 962 3-PW, steel shaft, stiff flex, +3/4-inch shaft length, standard lie.

Jim Smoot, head pro, Huntington CountryClub, Huntington, N.Y.
"Dave has a simple, repeatable swing and makes solid contact with tight dispersion. He hits the ball high, but his bad shots go too high. The 695CB produced a higher launch angle, but this stronger-lofted set produces a flatter, straighter ball flight, rather than a rising, spinny flight. He hit it farther than with the DCI 962 without sacrificing much accuracy"

6-Iron Before After
Clubhead Speed 91.9 MPH 90 MPH
Ball Speed 119.3 MPH 120.9 MPH
Launch Angle 16.9º 17.9º
Backspin 6,510 RPM 5,703 RPM
Sidespin 44 RPM (Left-Right) 113 RPM (Left-Right)
Carry 168.6 Yards 177.3 Yards
Dispersion 6.8 Yards 8.6 Yards

Know your limis:
If your ball flight is too high—and if you can handle them—heavier, stiffer shafts can help you lower your trajectory and hit more accurate shots.

New Irons:
Titleist 735CM
4-PW, steel shaft, regular flex, +1/4-inch shaft length, 3º upright $896 for 8 (steel), $1,032 for 8 (graphite); 888-TITLEIST,

Rob Eising
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Age: 29
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Handicap: 12
Occupation: Business school student
Old Irons: Titleist DCI 981 3-PW, steel shaft, regular flex, +3/4 inch shaft length, standard lie.

Jim Smoot
"Rob's lie angle is a bit flat, which leads to contact on the toe and shots that hang out to the right. When he switched to a more upright club, he started to see more centered contact. His dispersion is erratic, so we moved him into the 775s, which offer a larger, more forgiving clubface. I thought he hit these clubs the best. But since Rob wants more of a player's set, the 735CM's progressive offset will help with shotmaking in the short irons."

6-Iron Before After
Clubhead Speed 82 MPH 85.8 MPH
Ball Speed 106.8 MPH 112.1 MPH
Launch Angle 18º 17.8º
Backspin 5,600 RPM 6,021 RPM
Sidespin 580 RPM (Left-Right) 273 RPM (Right-Left)
Carry 144.9 Yards 155 Yards
Dispersion 22 Yards 15.1 Yards

Know your limits:
Losing iron shots to the right could be the result of too flat a lie angle. This same recipe applies to woods—a more-upright lie may cut down on the number of banana balls you hit.