Drivers from Callaway and Titleist

February 19, 2007

Two super heavyweights—Callaway and Titleist–are looking to KO the competition with must-try drivers. Though these clubs differ in size, material and styling, the clubmakers agree on one key point: A family of drivers is the best way to satisfy the needs of Tour pros and weekend warriors. Our suggestions: Go through a driver fiting session in the next few weeks, buy yourself a Father’s Day gift and hand your wife the bill.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

Callaway debuted the innovative ERC Fusion driver last year to mixed reviews. Despite cutting-edge technology-the merger of lightweight composite rear to titanium front–the club didn’t fly off the shelves. In hindsight, the lack of size (only 360cc) and muted sound (like permission) hurt its chances in the market. These issues have been addressed in the new and improved Big Bertha Fusion (above, left). At 460cc, this driver provides a much more stable hitting platform on off-center hits. Plus, impact sounds closer to a titanium sonic boom. The Fusion comes in two versions–Draw and Neutral. A “Tour” model is available through VIP fittings at Callaway fitting centers. $500; 800-588-9836 or

Titleist Pro Titanium 905

The 905 series, Titleist’s first 400cc clubs, continues the firm’s fine driver pedigree. The 905S (above, right) targets those who produce faster clubhead speeds or high-spinning shots. It has a deeper face, and is smaller from front to back, than the 905T. This shaping pushes the center of gravity nearer the face, for a flatter launch, less spin and a more penetrating ball flight. The 905T should appeal to a wider array of players than the 905S. A shallower face and longer body (face to rear) results in more dynamic loft and a higher launch angle. An impressive list of stock shafts includes the Aldila NV-65, Grafalloy Blue, Graphite Design YS-6 and Titleist Speeder by Fujikurs. $500; 888-TITLEIST or