Custom Fitting for Ping Irons

Custom Fitting for Ping Irons

Golfer: Ken Frankman

Age: 51

Handicap: 14

Occupation: Financial consultant

Old Irons: Cavity back, game improvement; 3-PW


New Fitted Irons: Ping G2; 4-GW

Clubfitter: Mike Tolan, Assistant Pro at Pine Hills CC, Manorville, N.Y. "Ken was coming over the top and getting to the ball too quickly, which left the ball on the toe. That created a hard fade. With extra length [+1/2 an inch], a softer ball shaft [regular flex] and upright lie [1° upright], we got Ken's ball flight up and changed his big fade into a tight little cut. I don't intentionally try to fit golfers for extra distance. I just want them to hit the ball consistently solid."

Know your limits

Most golfers play to firm a shaft for their swing, resulting in low-flying pushes that come up short of the target. Going to a more flexible shaft can straighten things out. No one will call you a wimp when you're stuffing shots to five feet.


  Shaft Flex Shaft Length Shaft Type Lie Angle Grip Size
Before Stiff Standard Steel Standard Standard
After Regular +1/2" Steel 1° upright +1/32"

{C} Golfer: Ray Kitson

Age: 41

Handicap: 6

Occupation: Electrician (IBEW Local 3)

Old Irons: Forged cavity back; 3-PW


New Fitted Irons: Ping S59; 3-PW

Clubfitter: Jimmi Conway, Head Pro at pine Hills CC, Manorville, N.Y. "Ray has a good swing but inconsistent grip pressure. He Squeezes too hard coming down at the ball, so his hands don't release fully, which causes him to block shots. Switching him to a thinner grip [-1/64 an inch] let his hands work more fluidly, leading to straighter shots and more power. Ray also played the wrong shaft flex; he sacrificed consistency by making perfect timing at impact an imperative."

Know your limits

An essential element of a good swing is consistent grip pressure. If you feel like you're squeezing the club too hard or losing control of it, you may want to change grip size. Consider the thinnest grip you can control.


  Shaft Flex Shaft Length Shaft Type Lie Angle Grip Size
Before Regular Standard Steel Standard Standard
After Stiff Standard Steel 2° flat -1/64"


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