Course of Style: Adidas makes ATVs for your feet while Vijay goes casual

Course of Style: Adidas makes ATVs for your feet while Vijay goes casual

All-terrain-vehicles, known as
ATVs, are designed to handle any off-road encounter or hairy surface
condition. Last week Adidas unveiled its new Tour 360 ATV
(for “all-terrain versatility”) shoe at The Barclays and it was worn by
several company-sponsored golfers, including Sergio Garcia and Dustin

The new Tour 360 is engineered
to maximize stability in wet conditions and on uneven terrain (think
sidehill lie). It has an ultra-flexible forefoot and a five-pod heel
that the the company says will enable the wearer to stay grounded in the most
difficult positions. It still features Adidas’s all-around wrap
technology and Thintech sole like
previous models
, but weighs two
ounces less and positions the wearer’s foot 1.5 millimeters lower.

While Johnson wore classic
black, the Tour 360 ATVs ($190) are available in bold colors, and in
medium and wide widths. These are serious shoes for golfers who really
grip the ground and pound.

Different Strokes
Not that he doesn’t pound the ball, but add Vijay Singh to
the list of pros going the other way — toward a more casual, less
grippy hybrid golf shoe. At The Barclays, he donned ECCO’s Street Premier,
the kind worn by Fred Couples.

These shoes feature molded
traction nubs instead of spikes and can be worn off course. They’re
more like sneakers than traditionally structured golf shoes, although
they do have golf specific features (like the traction soles). Just as
many golfers are opting for hybrid clubs instead of 3- and 4-irons, many
now prefer hybrid shoes.

“We think 50 percent of the
golf market will be wearing hybrid shoes in 12 to 18 months,” said
David Helter, sales director of specialty footwear at ECCO USA, who
helped Singh pick out his hybrids.