Cleveland Launcher Fairway Woods

Cleveland Launcher Fairway Woods

$179, graphite Stock shafts: Fujikura Gold for standard trajectory, Fujikura Red for tour-like flight Lofts: 13°, 15°, 17°, 19° and 22° The latest Launcher boasts the highest MOI (3,000 g/cm2) of any Cleveland fairway wood to date. The bottom line is that this stable clubhead delivers playable mis-hits. Having a larger face area (by 11 percent) than previous Launchers means consistent output across more of the face. Players can select their ball flight from a trio of 3-wood options, the 13° (low trajectory), 15° (standard) or 17° (high).
Schecter Lee

From Golf Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)
It's for: All skill levels
Steve Chien, VP of R&D: "We wanted to create a classic-looking wood and still provide forgiveness. The large face provides more hitting area while 'horseshoe' perimeter weighting means better stability and accuracy. We're proud to say this is our highest-MOI fairway wood."

How it works: Launcher is ultra-stable through the hitting zone (MOI is 3,000 g x cm2), so mis-hits don't kill you. Having a larger face area (by 11 percent) than previous Launchers means steady output across more of the face. The horseshoe-shaped rear weight—3-wood (11 grams), 5-wood (8 grams) or 7-wood (5 grams)—should improve launch conditions and distance. A beveled leading edge allows it to skim across the turf rather than dig in. Choose your 3-wood ball flight from the 13° loft (low trajectory), 15° (standard) or 17° (high) plus two shafts (Fujikura Gold for standard trajectory) or Fujikura Red (Tour-like flight).

$179, graphite

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