Callaway FT-iZ Driver

May 12, 2010

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, February 2010)

Category: Game-Improvement Drivers
We tested: 9°, 10° with Aldila VooDoo graphite shaft

Company line: “Our longest, straightest driver has ‘barbell-like’ weight distribution—58 percent
of the mass is in the clubface and 16 percent is in the rear. This produces a high moment of inertia (5,500 g x cm2) and a low CG. In addition, 12 percent of the face area has ball speeds within 2 mph of max speed due to a chemically milled hyperbolic face that optimizes face thickness.”

PROS: One of the best at minimizing distance
loss on mis-hits; shots fall in a tight grouping,
little variance from one shot to another;
predictable and repeatable trajectory;
innovative head design and mix of materials
give a high-tech look; I-Mix design allows
you to swap shafts; plays like it has a built-in
draw bias; hits high, flat shots; flexible shaft
for stiff flex; respectable yardage on wellstruck
shots; stable feel through impact.

CONS: All shots feel like they’re hit well
regardless of impact location; the clubhead
appears slightly closed at address; the
triangular shape isn’t a hit with everyone.

From Sports Illustrated Golf+ Equipment Issue (February 8, 2010)
• The longest, straightest driver developed by Callaway.
• Polar weighting focuses power at impact with ­laserlike accuracy.
• Chem-milled hyperbolic face for robust ball speeds across entire face.
• Used by Ernie Els on the PGA Tour.



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