Davis Love on Grooves, Spin and the Golf Equipment Pecking Order

Would a player who predates U-grooves and has experience with V-grooves have any type of advantage in terms of familiarity? Until recently, maybe the last couple years, I never had a square groove [in my irons or wedges]. Larry Balker was specially making me a sand wedge and a 60° and a 55° wedge out of old forgings so I could get a V-groove. Obviously Vokey's wedges are great, but they all had square grooves and I didn't want them because I spin it too much already. And then Vokey figured out a way to take the Spin Mill off the face and shallowed the groove out for me, so he was taking 20% or 30% of the spin off when he gave me his wedge. So if you're going to lose 30 or 40% of your spin, as some guys are [with the new grooves], I'm already there. I mean I'm already 20% there.
I actually have Spin Milled Vokey [wedges with] the new groove. Everybody [now] basically has got the same face, the same club. I got my two wedges—that's the bad thing about this whole deal is Titleist goes, 'Here's your wedges for next year.' When I ordered a wedge for last year Vokey would give me three. I didn't ask for three; I asked for one, they gave me three. 'Well, here's—maybe you don't like that one. Maybe you like this one better.' Now they give me one 60
° and one 55°, and said good luck. So some players are just receiving the new wedges now? There's still guys way down the list on other tours that are still waiting because they made sure everybody [on the PGA and European tours] got theirs first, and I remember—it was either Turning Stone or Vegas, one of the two—I said, let's just say I wanted five of each to experiment with, what would you say? They said, 'You're going to have to wait.' Video: Davis Love talking to GOLF.com about his new Titleist MB ironsFollow David Dusek on Twitter(Photos by Chris Trotman/Getty Images; )