Titleist releases Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi putters

With the release of the Titleist by Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi mallet putters, Cameron is venturing back in the large mallet category. Best known for making heel-toe weighted blade putters, in a conversation I had recently with Cameron, he said the Kombi putters are a refinement of what he learned from a previously released mallet, 2003’s Futura. TitleistkombiputteraddressAccording to Cameron, "The goal was to utilize a weight system like Futura’s, but make it more pleasing to the eye." To do that, the Kombi starts as a solid piece of 6061 aircraft aluminum and is then milled into shape.
But why not make the Kombi out of stainless steel, the material of
choice for many of his other putters? "I couldn’t make a body like this
out of stainless steel. It would weigh something like 1,000 grams," he
The red T alignment aid is designed to focus your eyes on the top line — instead of the large back flange — and is designed to help golfers improve accuracy. The top line itself, the area where the shaft goes into the head, is also thicker to help create a more pleasing sound. Cameron says that thin faces designed into aluminum mallet putters create hollow sounds at impact that most golfers don’t like.
The standard length Kombi putters, available in 33-, 34- and 35-inch models, have weights in both the heel and the toe area, as well as a weight in the back.
"A lot of people in years past would take a 35-inch putter, cut the shaft, and call it a 33-inch putter but the head weight was too light. That would affect rhythm and timing," Cameron says. "I took the one shell and put in the proper weights, relative to the length."
The Kombi will also be available in a 50-inch model with a 500g. head and a 43-inch belly version with a 400g. head.TitleistkombiputtersoleIt’s interesting to note that the standard models have a slightly smaller head than the extended-length versions. "The big head is great-looking on the end of a long shaft," Cameron says, "but it looks a little too big on the end of the standard-length putter."
As large as this mallet putter is, like other classic Cameron designs, the Kombi is designed for players who prefer an inside-square-inside putting stroke. "A lot of mallets are designed to be swung straight back and straight through and are face balanced," Cameron says. "This is a toe-down balanced putter, so this is going to help to create an arched back stroke instead of one square to the target line."
The Kombi putters will retail for $325, but look for pro shops to sell them for about $299 when they become available on April 1.