What's in John Daly's Bag?

What’s in John Daly’s Bag?

Johndaly Long John goes through golf clubs, and relationships with manufacturers, almost as fast as he chugs Diet Cokes. John Garrity highlighted one incident that led to a parting of the ways between Daly and a manufacturer in a recent column.

But that wasn’t half as bad as Daly’s corporate backstab at the 2005 PGA Championship. On that occasion, an angry Daly whacked his golf bag with his Dunlop putter, damaging the club so badly that he had to putt with his lob wedge for seven holes. After the round, however, Daly put the blame squarely on … the people who signed his endorsement checks! "My putter came loose again," he groused. "That’s happened a few times this year, where the head has fallen off. Dunlop has been trying really hard to make a putter, and it just keeps coming off." Having established that the engineers at Dunlop Sports, after nearly a century manufacturing golf and tennis gear, didn’t know how to use epoxy, Daly delivered the coup de grace: "I’ve had it. I’m just going to putt with my L-wedge."

Companies have looked at Daly as a double-edged sword for years. He has a huge fan base that seems to love him unconditionally, and many of those fans gravitate to golf specifically because of John. His affable charisma comes through on television commercials, and he’s been willing to pitch just about anything. But signing Daly means associating your brand with a player who has been more likely to end up in the police blotter than the winner’s circle.
Recently I spoke with a representative from a major manufacturer that used to be endorsed by Daly. "He just does not represent our brand image anymore," he said. You have to believe that other companies feel the same way.
Using recent photographs, as well as information from John Daly’s official website, we came up with a list of the  equipment we believe he is currently using. By the time you read this, any and all of the information may have changed, but that’s just another part of John Daly’s world. Driver:                  TaylorMade Burner (10.5°)*Fairway wood:     TaylorMade V Steel (13°)Hybrid:                 TaylorMade TP Rescue (17°)Irons:                    Mizuno MP 67 (3-PW)Wedges:               Titleist Vokey Spin Milled (52°, 60°)Putter:                  Titleist by Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2Ball:                      Callaway i Tour*Daly has also recently used the TaylorMade r7 Limited. (Photo by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

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