Paul Casey's new secret Nike putter

Paul Casey’s new secret Nike putter

Casey_putter_face_600x450 LOUISVILLE, Ky. — We recently told you that Paul Casey switched to the new Nike Victory Red TW blade irons. This week at the Ryder Cup, the Englishman will also be using a Nike prototype putter.
When I had a chance to speak to Casey about it, he was excited to tell me how well he was putting with his new flatstick, but did not want to go into the details or discuss the technology incorporated in it. He wouldn’t even give me its name.
The putter, which is a traditional heel-toe weighted blade, looks similar to Casey’s former putter, the Nike Unitized Leo. However, the face of the putter, which appears to be milled stainless steel, has a series of small red grooves that Casey says allowed the ball to start rolling more quickly on the putting surface. Click on the top image for a better look.
On the sole of the putter there is a small cut which appears to be filled with a polymer. That cut would likely be designed to enhance feel and alter the sound of the ball striking the face.Casey_putter_sole_600x450 Although Rick Nichols, Nike’s Tour field manager, would not answer questions about the putter, he did say that the Texas design and code etched into the sole are essentially a serial number so Nike knows exactly which prototype it is. The FW part of the code stands for Ft. Worth, where Nike’s golf design headquarters are located. Click on the bottom image for a closer look.
Stay tuned for more information about this new Nike putter soon in The Shop.

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