Ken Green planning to play again next year

Ken Green planning to play again next year

IRONS 2) Hand Position Amateurs tend to press their hands forward so that the shaft leans toward the target. I prefer to keep my hands at my zipper and let the shaft lean in response to where the ball is in my stance. This gives me a neutral shaft lean with my irons and wedges, and a reverse lean with my driver. 3) Shoulder Tilt Because I don't lean the shaft forward at address, my shoulders tilt only slightly for each club. There's a school of thought that says you should set your right shoulder much lower than your left. I think that causes you to hang back on your right side too much during your downswing.
Angus Murray

DANBURY, Conn. (AP) — Ken Green says he’s not going to let losing a leg keep him off the Champions Tour.

Green, who had his lower right leg amputated after a recreational vehicle accident in June that killed his brother and girlfriend, says he’s hoping to be back on the tour by April.

Green was in his hometown of Danbury, where pros including Fred Funk, Mark Calcavecchia and Phil Blackmar played in a charity event Monday to help raise money to pay some of Green’s medical and personal expenses.

Green says he lost a lot in the accident, but won’t let it take golf from him. He’s already begun hitting golf balls, and is being fitted with a special prosthetic that includes an ankle that will pivot.

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