Dad Removes Son's Loose Tooth With a Golf Ball

Dad Removes Son’s Loose Tooth With a Golf Ball


Losing a baby tooth and waking up a few dollars richer courtesy of the tooth fairy is one of the milestone moments in every little boy and girl’s life. Some kids are content to wiggle a loose chopper little by little, day after day, until it is barely hanging on and can be easily removed. Some take a more direct route.

That’s what 7-year-old Noah and his dad do in the video above. Dad seems more enthused by the project than his son does — and we don’t blame the kid. It all turns out well in the end as dad strikes his Nike golf ball and Noah’s tooth is cleanly removed. He’s presumably a few dollars richer after sleeping on his pearly white and, who knows, there could be some YouTube revenue in his future if the video really takes off.

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