FIRST LOOK: Miura unveils MB-101, the company’s first blade iron since 2013

October 3, 2019
Miura's MB-101 is the company's first blade in six years.

Six years after Miura introduced the MB-001 — its last muscle-back iron — the equipment manufacturer is bringing a new MB-101 blade to market. Hoping to make noticeable improvements to the traditional profile, Shinei and Yoshitaka Miura spent the last six years trying to find ways to improve the performance and playability of the club.

What came from the research was a need to alter the factory’s existing dies — a laborious process — to make tangible improvements. By essentially starting from scratch, Shinei was able to create an iron that blends some of the best traits from previous Miura blade models to give it the workability, control and turf interaction elite players require.

“This is a model of which the entire Miura family can be proud,” said Shinei Miura. “My father is as passionate about the MB-101 as any club he has ever designed. Our hope is that it will be recognized as one of the finest irons our factory has ever produced and will remain in our model lineup for years to come.”

A look at the face-on profile of the MB-101.
Jonathan Wall

The traditional muscle-back iron is forged from S25C soft carbon steel (satin chrome finish) and features a refined sole design that was thickened — along with the face — to allow the club to effectively go through the turf at impact. Particular attention was also paid to the shaping of the muscle pad and transition from the hosel to topline. While the transition may feel like a minor detail, it gives each head a cleaner look in the address position.

“Miura’s reputation is centered on its history of crafting exceptional, championship-caliber blade irons, and the MB-101 continues that legacy,” said Hoyt McGarity, Miura Golf’s president. “The MB-101 reminds us that, for the golfer seeking legendary feel and maximum workability, Miura remains the best forged blade on the market.”

Miura's MB-101 from the address position.
Jonathan Wall

The lofts on these irons are fairly standard for a modern blade, with the 7-iron coming in at 34 degrees.

Miura’s MB-101 (3-PW) is available in right-handed only for $280 per iron. They can be purchased at authorized club fitters or fully assembled at

Miura and are operated by the same holding company, 8AM Golf.