Like Butter: The feel of one of these fine-crafted Miura wedges is off the charts

September 1, 2019

Each Miura wedge begins with a billet of S25C carbon steel that’s put through the company’s legendary multi-step forging process and then coupled with a spin-welded hosel. It’s finished off with a CNC-milled face and groove pattern for added spin.

The net result of such craftsmanship is a classic wedge with exceptional balance, performance and a one-of-a-kind feel. The standard Miura Tour wedges feature moderate sole widths and a higher CG for a more controlled trajectory.

The HB (high bounce) models feature wider, tapered soles, greater heel-toe/front-to-back relief, and more bounce angle for added forgiveness in softer conditions.

Miura Tour Wedge HB (top) and Standard model ($295/each). Available in eight lofts between 48 and 62 degrees.
Courtesy of Miura Golf

Miura and are operated by the same holding company, 8AM Golf.

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