How to book a golf trip to Myrtle Beach’s best courses for under $1K per person

September 14, 2019
Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, S.C. is a golfer’s paradise, with over 80 fantastic courses to choose from. With a vibrant beach, restaurant and nightlife scene, it’s also the perfect locale for a buddies golf weekend.

One of my favorite things about the area is that variety abounds in every category, from super-low-budget to high end, and it’s all good fun.

Here’s how to take a four-player Myrtle Beach buddies trip for less than $1K per person.

AIRFARE: ~$200/person

You won’t find any direct flights from the west coast into MYR, the local Myrtle Beach airport, but if connections make you grit your teeth, you can try finding a flight to Charleston. Unfortunately, you’ll be looking at a two-hour drive to Myrtle Beach when you land, so I think it’s worth the potential stress of a connection to get nice and close to your ultimate destination.

On Expedia, Spirit Airlines can get you to MYR from LAX for $275 with a layover, while LGA and ORD have direct flights on Spirit for $161-$171.

TOTAL AIRFARE: ~$200/person x 4 =$800


With four people traveling with clubs, you’ll need the biggest car you can get to travel comfortably. A standard SUV from Budget will set you back $175 for a long weekend (price via Expedia).

Rental car: $175/4 people = $43.75/person

TOTAL COST: $200 + $43.75 = $243.75

The Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes is located just steps from the ocean in North Myrtle Beach.

HOTEL: $312.75/person

There are TONS of independent hotels and resorts that have some truly impressive rock-bottom prices advertised on Expedia, but on a trip like this, knowing what to expect is nice, and there’s comfort in familiar chains. For that reason, I recommend the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes. It’s about 15 minutes removed from the “scene” of downtown Myrtle Beach, but still easily drivable — and it’s right on the beach!

You could save a bit of money by staying elsewhere, but this Marriott will have all the expected amenities. At $161 per night per room (plus tax), $1,251 gets you a three-night stay in two rooms (complete with two beds each). The hotel tally comes out to $312.75 per person — not bad at all for beachfront digs!

TOTAL COST: $243.75 + $312.75 = $556.50

The picturesque par-3 6th at Caledonia.
Michael Slear / The Brandon Agency

GREEN FEES: $280/person

Choosing from over 80 courses in the Myrtle Beach area is super tough, but two of the undisputed best are Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and True Blue Golf Club, and by booking at the special “Play Both” rate of $280, you can save about $20 per player, which feels like a steal, since both courses are ranked on GOLF’s most recent list of the Top 100 Courses You Can Play.

TOTAL SPEND: $556.50 + $280 = $836.50

DINING: $160/person

In order to stay under the admittedly ambitious budget of less than $1k per person, you’re going to have to limit big-time splurges on meals. For buddy trips, I usually recommend buying some booze upon arrival to keep in the room. A $20 contribution from each person should do the trick there. Then, you can commit yourselves to the following plan:

Arrival night budget dinner: $15 each

Day 1 golf course lunch: $18 each

Day 1 splurge dinner: $50 each

Day 2 golf course lunch: $18 each

Day 2 budget dinner: $15 each

Miscellaneous breakfasts and snacks: $24

Grand dining total: $160

TOTAL SPEND: $836.50 + $160 = $996.50

And there you have it! A fantastic, three-night, two-day golf trip (playing two world-class courses) for under $1,000 a person! Ready to book? Happy travels!

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