WATCH: Trick shot artist enlists Tiger Woods for incredible shot

May 30, 2018

Tiger Woods threw his annual Tiger Jam fundraising event last week in Las Vegas, featuring star athletes like Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Bush, as well as famous golf personalities like Blair O’Neal and Paige Spiranac.

This year’s event was a weekend-long affair that included live music, poker, and a golf outing at Shadow Creek among other activities. In addition to an exhibition by Tiger Woods himself, Woods invited Instagram trick shot artist Joshua Kelley to perform for the attendees.

Not wanting to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Kelley convinced Tiger to join him for one part of the performance, which Kelley captured on video and posted on Instagram.

In the video, Kelley starts by juggling a golf ball with a wedge. He then passes the ball to Tiger who keeps the juggling feat going with his own wedge between his legs. Tiger then does one final juggle and knocks the ball back towards Kelley who takes a mighty swing with a driver, connecting with the ball in mid-air. Check it out for yourself below.