‘I love America but I hate this:’ Ian Poulter challenges Trump to change gun laws

October 5, 2017

“Buying guns must become illegal,” Ian Poulter posted on Twitter Wednesday. “How many more need to die. Its pathetic.”

Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas brought renewed calls for reforming America’s gun laws. Poulter, never shy to speak his mind, went even further, telling a “brainwashed” America to “wake up” on several posts across Twitter and Instagram.

“I love America but I hate this,” Poulter wrote in his Instagram post. Here’s the complete text from his call for action:

“America, Congress, The House and Senators when will you stop these disgusting acts. Banning guns is the only way…. How many more innocent people have to die because you are brainwashing America into thinking arming themselves will help… Well it DIDNT help in Vegas did it ?… if everyone at the concert had a gun to protect themselves the same fatalities would have happened. 

You are all accountable for these continuing actions of madness… I love America but I hate this.”



Later on Wednesday, Poulter acknowledged that he hadn’t received universal agreement from followers.