Mickelson on national-anthem debate: ‘We should strive to eliminate social injustices’

September 26, 2017

Phil Mickelson and Jason Day joined the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday to chat about the Presidents Cup and more, and they briefly touched on the topic that’s dominating the sports world: the national anthem protests.

Patrick asked Day and Mickelson if they had an reaction to went on in the NFL over the weekend.

“There are social injustices that continue in this country and we should all strive to eliminate that,” Mickelson said. “But this week, I am so proud to represent my country and so appreciative of all the opportunities this great country has given me. I get to play golf for a living. There’s just no greater thing that I could ever imagine. I get to do what I love. And I’m just so appreciative of the many opportunities this country has given me. But we should all strive to eliminate social injustices that continue. Now certainly we have made a lot of strides over the years, but we can always get better.”

U.S. Presidents Cup captain Steve Stricker said on Tuesday that he and his team already discussed the idea of kneeling for the anthem at this week’s event, and that “none of my players want to do that.”

The interview with Day and Mickelson was wide-ranging and entertaining, and you can watch the entire 14-minute clip below. Mickelson explains why he tends to wear black, teases Day for watching the Cleveland Browns and describes what it’s like playing an opponent head-to-head.