Multiple pros witnessed blimp crash during their rounds at U.S. Open

June 15, 2017

The blimp that crashed near Erin Hills on Thursday of the U.S. Open caused quite the stir at the course when smoke started to rise into the sky, but multiple players actually witnessed the crash while they were playing.

Charley Hoffman was the first player to finish his round and discuss what he saw from the accident that occurred about one half of a mile from the course.

“I was sitting on 7 tee and my caddie goes, look at that thing just blew up. And it was going down through the air. I didn’t see it explode, but it definitely was just happened when he tapped me on the shoulder. So I saw it fluttering down through the sky.”

FULL STORY: Blimp crashes near U.S. Open at Erin Hills

Jamie Lovemark was also on the course and saw the accident.

“I did. I was teeing off on — oh, shoot, maybe No. 5. I was teeing off and I looked up and saw it on fire, and I felt sick to my stomach. I had the shakes. I felt terrible for the people inside. I didn’t know what was going on. It was a horrible sight. I don’t know what happened. I hope the guys got out okay.”

“It was a horrific scene. I’ve never seen a plane crash, blimp crash, anything like that. So it was pretty awful. I thought they might stop play. I don’t know. It was scary.”

Brandt Snedeker did not see the blimp go down, but did see smoke.

“My caddie made a comment on the 9th hole. He said the blimp is not looking good. I guess it was nose down. I saw a puff of black smoke. I didn’t know it was the blimp. It’s not good. Glad everybody is okay.”