WATCH: Billy Horschel uses fairway wood on green after breaking putter

June 9, 2017

It’s a common sight on the PGA Tour: a player narrowly misses a putt, and he reacts with dramatic agony. Some sink to their knees, others gaze skyward in mute frustration.

According to a Golf Channel report, when Billy Horschel missed a putt on the 8th hole during the first round of the FedEx St. Jude Classic on Friday (it was Horschel’s 17th hole of the day), he tossed his putter in the air.

Unfortunately, the putter broke, with the head separating from the shaft, and because the damage did not occur “during the normal course of play,” Horschel was not allowed to replace it, and was thereby forced to use another club on the greens for the remainder of his round.

Fortunately for Billy, he only had two holes to go: a short clean-up par putt to finish on No. 8, and No. 9. He opted to use his fairway wood, and impressively, only needed two swings from over 50 feet on his last green to get the ball in the hole. 

You can watch Billy finish his round with the fairway wood below.