Fred Couples says he will ‘probably never be picked’ as Ryder Cup captain

March 15, 2017

Fred Couples has played on five Ryder Cup teams, but has given up ever being selected to captain one.

In an interview with Jessica Marksbury in GOLF Magazine, Couples was asked about a potential Ryder Cup captaincy. He admitted that it does interest him, but he isn’t getting his hopes up.

Marksbury: You’ve skippered three winning Presidents Cup teams. Does a Ryder Cup captaincy interest you?

Couples: Of course, but I’ll probably never be picked. There comes a time when you get passed by. At one time, people thought I should be a Ryder Cup captain because I did well in the Presidents Cup. But it’s the players who play. I was there in Chicago [at the 2012 Ryder Cup, at Medinah]. I thought we had it won. Davis did an unbelievable job. But Sunday, we just didn’t get enough points. That doesn’t come back to Davis – it was the players and maybe a pairing here or there. But Davis was a great captain then, and he was a great captain last year. And Jim Furyk will be a great captain [in 2018].

Couples has had great success as captain of the less-renowned Presidents Cup (3-0 in 2009, 2011 and 2013), so naturally his name was tossed around for the top spot in the Ryder Cup by fans and media. And even Couples himself. In an interview with GOLF Live at Hazeltine last year, Couples said, “I tried to get this job,” in reference to the 2016 captaincy. 

“If it was someone else, my feelings would have been crushed,” Couples said. “But I’m that close to Davis that I had no problem with it. Would I like to be out there running around, screaming, yelling and having fun with Darren Clarke? Of course I would. If I never get to, I always had the chances with the Presidents Cup.”