Tiger Woods’ greatest shot? This second round approach at the 2002 PGA Championship

March 3, 2017

Tour pros hit millions of shots in their careers, so for one to stand out, it needs to be special.

For Tiger Woods, the list of great shots is endless, but he recently revealed what he considers his all-time best: an approach from a fairway bunker to the 18th hole at the 2002 PGA Championship. “That was the greatest-feeling shot I’ve ever hit in my life,” Woods recently told CNN’s Living Golf.

“The wind was blowing about 25-30 mph off the left,” Woods said. “The lip was in front of me, trees were in front of me, [I had a] downhill lie and somehow I hit it — I don’t know how I hit it that solid, that clean, that flush, and drew it up against the wind and held it, landed about 20 feet away.”

Video of the shot can be found below — but don’t believe the audio. Woods’s impending putt was much longer than eight feet. (He made it.) You can find Woods’s entire Living Golf episode at CNN.com/golf.