Euro tour commissioner hints at Thursday-Friday payoffs

February 15, 2017

Should first- and second-round leaders start cashing in at pro golf tournaments? The European tour boss has hinted that some sort of early week incentive could be in the works.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Alan Shipnuck for a candid Q&A for The Knockdown, Euro tour commissioner Keith Pelley said “there’s no question that one of the biggest priorities that we have with the game is addressing Thursday-Friday.”

“Because in the way that people live their lives, they want immediate gratification,” he continued. “They want to be able to get immediate results. And they want to follow things that are meaningful, because there is such a saturation of content. Our Thursday-Fridays are not as meaningful as they need to be. Yes, they position you for the weekend, but there is no result. There is no payoff at the end of Thursday or Friday. So what I’m turning our attention to internally is what are we going to do in 2018 to address Thursday-Friday? Because we need more engagement. We need higher ratings. I think that is a worldwide challenge for every tour. You’re the only person I’ve ever said that to.”

The European tour has been increasingly aggressive on the social media front and with fan engagement, and a major reason for that is Pelley. He told Shipnuck he’s “very proud” of the content his tour has produced in that regard, but that there’s more work to do.

You can read the entire interview here.