Tom Weiskopf says Jack Nicklaus would beat Tiger Woods in their primes

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods after Woods' victory at the 2009 Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village.
Getty Images

Tom Weiskopf is known for speaking his mind, and now he's entered one of the golf's thorniest debates: Jack vs. Tiger.

In an interview in the September issue of Golf Magazine, the 16-time Tour winner and 1973 British Open champion told senior editor Joe Passov that Jack Nicklaus would beat Tiger Woods in a match when both golfers were are their best.

"It's close," Weiskopf said. "It depends on who picks the course. I'll take Jack in a playoff."

Having dueled with Nicklaus throughout the 1970s and having played with Woods in the early 2000s, Weiskopf said the two all-time greats have more in common than not.

"They're similar in so many ways: long off the tee, terrific with long irons," he said. "Tiger gets the edge with the wedge and short game, Nicklaus the edge with the putter and course management."

But whereas Woods was "aggressive, bolder, even reckless," Nicklaus, like Ben Hogan, "hit the best-percentage shot all the time," Weiskopf said.

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