Tom Rinaldi Discusses Tiger Woods and Interviewing Him Post-Scandal

August 4, 2016

Spring 2010 was a tense time for Tiger Woods, only months removed from one of the most public affairs in recent history. When Woods was ready for his public appearance, Tom Rinaldi of ESPN was there for the interview.

Rinaldi joined the Podcast at the PGA Championship to discuss what it was like preparing for and conducting that interview with the shamed Woods.

“Tiger came in, initially by himself…I just said to him ‘I just want to tell you three things. Number one, the questions are short, and if I cut you off, it’s not because I’m not being attentive or out of a lack of respect, it’s solely a byproduct of the time limit.’

“I said, ‘Number two, some of the questions are tough, because what you’re going through is tough and you don’t need a guy from Jersey with a bad haircut to fly down here and tell you that.’ I said ‘The third thing is, there’s a simple truth which is easy to forget when anyone goes through a trial. It’s easy to forget there’s a tomorrow.'”

Rinaldi looks back on that that interview, details his strategy for interviewing and why golf media are spoiled by the chatty likes of Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Rory McIlroy