Tips on Golf and Life From Retief Goosen

February 22, 2007

1. Short really is sweet

“Try a driver that’s shorter than standard. Mine is 45 inches. It helps you keep the ball lower and gives you more control. You don’t always hit it farther with a longer shaft, and with a shorter shaft, your misses won’t be as bad. Take an inch off to really help your game.”

2. To the rescue

“Think about replacing your 3-wood with a utility club. The Rescue is easier to control and hit, and it goes just as far because you get some run. I was the first to take out the 3-wood, but a lot of guys, like Todd Hamilton, are doing it now.”

3. Grape nuts

“I’m not a big beer drinker. I’m more into wine. I enjoy a bit of red. Ernie and I get together for a drink and a laugh. I drink glasses. Ernie drinks bottles.”

4. Tale of the tape

“Some people have trouble adjusting from steel to graphite shafts. Try lead tape, not on the clubhead but the shaft. I put it on a few wraps below the grip. It feels more balanced with the tape.”

5. What, me worry?!

“If you hit a bad shot, you just have to forget it, or the wheels can come off. Some people bitch and moan and throw clubs for five minutes. Forget it, focus on the next shot, and stay positive. That’s how you save shots.”

6. London town

“My wife, tracy, and I live in London. We love to see concerts at Hampton Court. We like classical music, and that’s the best venue–open-air, in the courtyard of an old castle. The acoustics are wonderful.”

7. Music man

“I have a lot od CDs, from rock to classical. What I listen to depends on the mood I’m in. I really like [Italian tenor] Andrea Bocelli. i admire him for the number of instruments he plays, while being blind. And he’s a wonderful singer.”