Tiger Woods Takes Mark Cuban’s Money at Tiger Jam

May 19, 2015

With just one top 25 finish in 2015, Tiger Woods hasn’t been earning much money on the golf course. As long as he continues to play his cards right, however, he’ll end up making plenty of money elsewhere.

That was the case this weekend in Las Vegas at Tiger Jam, the annual event sponsored by the Tiger Woods Foundation. Woods was found tossing chips, albeit not at a golf green but at the poker table alongside Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. According to an Instagram post from FOX Sports TV Host Lynn Gilmartin during the event, Woods wiped Cuban clean, leaving him “broke…dead broke.”



Mark Cuban hijacked my Periscope! Check out the full video and others from #TigersPokerNight on my Periscope today before they expire! #MarkCuban VS #TigerWoods

A video posted by Lynn Gilmartin (@lynngilmartin) on


If the post is any evidence, Woods doesn’t lose his competitive streak in the casino. Lucky for Cuban he has enough cash to make up for what he lost to the 14-time major winner.

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