Tiger Woods as Ryder Cup Playing Captain? Matt Kuchar Says Maybe

Tiger Woods as Ryder Cup Playing Captain? Matt Kuchar Says Maybe

Tiger Woods Courses took drastic efforts to prevent themselves from becoming obsolete due to Tiger’s ability to hit the ball longer than anyone on Tour. Even though he’s been surpassed in driving distance in the recent years, the “Tiger-proofing” of layouts across the Tour stops provides evidence that Tiger was one of a kind in the late ‘90s. Augusta National notably stretched its layout by more than 500 yards in 1997 after Tiger lapped the field en route to a 12-stroke victory.

With just one more captain’s pick to make Team USA’s Ryder Cup squad whole, recent pick Matt Kuchar offered one name from off the radar: Tiger Woods.

Kuchar was Skyping into Love’s press conference and was asked about the new approach of this year’s Ryder Cup regime.

“This is hearsay, but I heard maybe even Tiger Woods could potentially be a pick,” Kuchar said. “That would be legend-ary, legendary.

“That’s just hearsay. It could strictly be rumor. But I mean, I know he’s playing Safeway,” Kuchar continued. “Imagine Tiger Woods being a playing captain, absolutely incredible. The team just — that last pick is going to be quite amazing. I don’t envy Davis’s position. So it’s a tough job. But gosh, imagine that, Tiger Woods playing for Team USA, being a captain, that would be incredible.”

Woods announced last week his plans for returning to the PGA Tour at the Safeway Open just two weeks after the Ryder Cup. Though he has not played on Tour since August 2015, Woods has played in seven Cups for the American side.