Tiger Woods to Charlie Rose: I’m Going to Win More than 18 Majors

October 20, 2016

Tiger Woods sat down with Charlie Rose on Wednesday for an interview that will air Thursday night on PBS. Rose touched on a lot of topics with Woods — his withdrawal from the Safeway Open, his expected return to golf, and his marital transgressions, among other things — but spent a good deal of time grilling Woods on his playing career.

Eventually, Rose asked Woods about Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record, and whether or not Woods thought he could surpass it in his career. Woods replied, “I’ve accepted I’m going to get more.” Read the exchange below.

Rose: Do you believe you’ll get 18 majors?

Woods: To be honest with you, no.

Rose: You don’t?

Woods: No.

Rose: You’ve accepted that?

Woods: I’ve accepted I’m going to get more.

Rose and Woods then broke into laughter, suggesting that Woods might have been kidding, or at least half-kidding. But according to ESPN, later in the interview Rose followed up with Woods and asked if he’d meant he thought that he would break Nicklaus’s mark.

“Correct,” Woods said.