Ted Cruz Is Brutally Honest About His Golf Game, Says He Plays ‘Horribly’

January 9, 2016

Barack Obama’s love of golf has been widely documented, including the time he crashed a wedding at Torrey Pines last October. It’s unlikely the next commander-in-chief will share the same zeal for the game that Obama does, especially if Ted Cruz gets elected.

Cruz is on a bus tour through Iowa that covers 28 towns in six days. On Saturday’s stop, Cruz was asked if he played golf. According to a New York Times report, Cruz said he played golf, but does so “horribly.”

“Do I golf?” Mr. Cruz said, repeating the question. “Horribly. And indeed, to call what I do golf — I do own clubs and I occasionally whack them into the ground and dig holes. But I think golf involves actually making contact with the ball and sending it in the direction of the hole, so by that definition, no, I don’t golf.”

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In a Fox News poll earlier this week, Cruz was second behind Donald Trump with 20 percent of the polled Republican primary voters. If he makes it to the White House, Cruz will need to up his game in order to properly follow in the golfing tradition set by Obama all the way down to Woodrow Wilson. We’ve got a tip below he can start with.