Suzann Pettersen on posing nude for the ESPN Body Issue

Pettersen's spread in the Body Issue.
Jeff Lipsky / ESPN The Magazine

How did your friends and family react they found out you were going to appear naked?
My mom and dad were hesitant, but in the end fine with it. My brother was of course embarrassed. All my friends thought it was awesome and have been very supportive.

Since the issue hit newsstands, what has the reaction been like in the locker room? How about with fans?
The reactions have been very good in the locker room and among the fans as well. Most people congratulate and give me good feedback on the pictures.

What was it like doing a nude photo shoot? It was a very different experience.
In the beginning you try and hide yourself, but after a while you actually get used to being nude on the set.

What would you say to people who are surprised to see a golfer in the Body Issue?
I don't see no reason for anyone being surprised about it. I have not heard one comment on it so far.

Are you happy with how the picture came out?
Yes, I am happy. The people on the set where great to work with. The Body Issue has great photographers who really get the best out of every photo. However, at first it was strange seeing pictures of me nude. I had go get used to them.

Would you do it again?
I don't think so. I think it was a great thing to do, being one of the athletes in the Body Issue, and a unique experience as well.