Stricker: Tiger Woods ‘Antsy’ to Return, Wants to ‘Take it Slow’

March 29, 2016

Steve Stricker sat down with me on GOLF Live Tuesday, and among other things the topic of Tiger Woods came up. 

Stricker talked about how his friendship with Tiger came to be, their recent conversations about Woods’ injury, and when Stricker thinks we’ll see Woods back on tour. 

Marksbury: You and Tiger have been friends for years. I’m sure that, in a way, that can be a great blessing, but also a curse, because you’re continually asked about him all the time.

Stricker: Yeah. I don’t see him a lot outside of the teams we’ve been on. There was a period of time there where I saw him quite a bit when we were paired together in the playoffs, and then we were part of the President’s Cup team and Ryder Cup teams. And I got fairly close to him then … But I haven’t seen him much lately, since he’s not been out there. We text here back and forth every once in a while. He just texted me this last week when I was in contention at Valspar. And so it’s nice to hear from him. I miss him out there. And the whole tour misses him out there. It’s a better place when he’s out there, and playing, and playing well. But yeah, I wish him the best. And hopefully, he gets his back issue out of the way, and gets to be the Tiger Woods that we all know.

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From what you do know of him, do you expect to see him this year, or anytime soon?

I don’t know. I could see him just staying away this year. I had asked him if he’s getting healthier. And he says he is. And he’s antsy to get back. But I think this time, he wants to take it a little bit slower, and make sure that everything is okay with his back, and he’s healed and ready to go before he comes back. He produces so much force in that swing. And the body can only take so much. So I’m sure he’s just making sure that everything’s okay before he comes back.

So I’m guessing you’re trading some back surgery recuperation tips these days.

No. No, not really. But hopefully, he’s got some good people leading him down a good path.