Steve Williams Talks Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and His Masters Secrets

March 22, 2016

Few people know the mounds, swales and creeks of Augusta National better than caddie Steve Williams. The 52-year-old says he has worked more than 25 Masters, and he shared some of his secrets with the Podcast Tuesday.

In tournament conditions, certain Augusta greens cause putts to break more than normal, while other putting surfaces have less bend than players think, according to Williams. One page from his notebook helped Adam Scott win the 2013 Masters in sudden death.

“When Adam won the tournament in 2013, the little note I had kept in my book was when the flag is in the Sunday pin position, which is the back-left pin, if you’re putting from the right side of that green, the putt breaks a lot more than it looks,” Williams said of the playoff-winning putt on the 10th green that earned Scott a green jacket. Would Scott he have drained it without Williams? Maybe. Or, maybe not.

“I challenged him as we were preparing to hit our second shot,” Williams recalled. “I said, ‘How badly do you want to win this tournament? Do you want to win in now?’ and he said yes. I said, ‘Okay, we need to get back to that pin.’ He was going to hit a 7-iron, but selected a 6-iron and got the ball back to that pin. I knew he probably hadn’t had that putt before…I had seen that putt only once in all my time at Augusta and had written in my book, ‘This putt breaks a lot more than it looks.’

“Adam had me read the putt, and said he thinks it’s about a hole out to the right. I said, ‘Adam, that’s not even close. This putt breaks at least twice as much as that…I said, ‘Trust me, I know this putt breaks more than it looks…’ That’s where a good caddie makes his living.”

The rest is history for Scott, who will have Williams on the bag once again this year at Augusta. Williams also discussed an array of topics, including his controversial comments about Tiger Woods, how Woods viewed rivals such as Phil Mickelson and David Duval, and why he bullied spectators while working for Woods.

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