PGA Tour Releases New iPad App

PGA Tour Releases New iPad App


The PGA Tour hopes it has won the battle for your second screen during live events with its release of a new iPad app centering around real-time predictive statistics during tournaments.

While watching a golf tournament on TV or following the event remotely, fans will be able to track individual players, certain groups or the leader of the event. The real-time stats feature will include average proximity to the hole for approach shots, driving accuracy and distance, distance to the hole and percentage of putts made from current distance. You’ll know instantly how many players have made a similar putt that your favorite player faces on any hole. 

“We are confident this app, with its new predictive shot, full-course view features and functionalities and live video, will keep new and current fans of all ages engaged and informed, not only during a tournament but throughout the entire season,” PGA Tour Vice President of Digital Media Luis Goicouria said in a release. 

Users will be able to track how players are performing during the tournaments with a live aerial rendition of the current hole, see the group’s full scorecard, follow how the group is performing in real-time and learn how the rest of the field is performing on that hole. Other features include video of live-event coverage mixed with highlights and interviews and an 18-hole view where you can see where every player stands on every hole. 

The app, including its predictive-shot technology, was designed by Omnigon. Coding was done by Possible.

The app is available for download  via the iTunes store. 

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