Masters 2016: 5 Things We Learned Tuesday at Augusta National

April 5, 2016

Tuesday at Augusta brought appearances from many of the game’s top stars (and some of its rising rookies). Here’s what we learned:

1. Bryson DeChambeau is even more attached to his clubs than we realized. He revealed at his pre-Masters press conference that he’s named his wedges for past winners of the green jacket.

2. Phil Mickelson’s favorite thing about being a Masters champion? The many opportunities it provides to rib other golfers. For example: Dustin Johnson. “It’s just a great way to give the other guys grief, kind of like give them a little jab here or there. I always like to rough up Dustin. He’s just a great target, I think.” 

3. Rory McIlroy loves bad puns and jigsaw puzzles. “Someone once told me pressure is for tires,” he said today.

4. Jordan Spieth is pretty certain he’ll get to wear the green jacket again. “I think that I could have taken advantage of having it in my possession more than I did,” he said. “But you learn and next time I’ll do a little bit better.”

5. It’s way too easy to blow through your paycheck at the Augusta National merchandise shop. Check out our list of the best items to buy.